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Arka siradakiler 95.Bölüm
QaRiZmATarih: Montag, 21 Dez. 2009, 09:58 | Mesaj # 1
astsubay çavuş
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PMc3JilgQcfTarih: Montag, 29 Juli 2013, 08:47 | Mesaj # 2
Grup: Gast

RE: leo =]hey leo, the nintendo world store opens at 9am usulaly (but check the times to make sure since they might be on holiday sched). they usulaly get about 25-100 units a day, but it depends. so just assume that they're getting the bare minimum, which is 25 units.if you want to guarantee yourself one console, you have to be there at 5AM. if you get there at 5AM, you're most likely going to be in the first 25 families to receive a ticket.also, dress warmly since it gets cold when you arent moving around much. bring hand warmers, etc. you know the deal.someone around 8AM will go to each person in line and give them a ticket. that ticket lets you inside the store to buy a system.there is a deli across the street from the line, but you probably have to convince somebody near you in line to save your spot if you need to get food, water, or use toilet. haha. good luck!
PZMzqM4jiaCaTarih: Dienstag, 30 Juli 2013, 03:43 | Mesaj # 3
Grup: Gast

out13 Fiquei ate9 curioso pra ver se o filme vai ser de boa<a href="http://buopzzdpfmw.com"> qdauilade</a>, to querendo verdragonball foi meu desenho preferido por muitos anos seguidos, mas fiquei muito dcara com alguns atores, por exemplo, o goku Aquele bundamole fazendo o papel do goku queimo o filme, que botassem o vandamme inte3o, ou o jak chan, sei la mas aquele atorzinho foi pra acaba com o filme Espero que ele supere as minhas espectativas.VA:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait...VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)
kcrPKVZt3NOeTarih: Mittwoch, 31 Juli 2013, 06:05 | Mesaj # 4
Grup: Gast

noobs this fukin shjti movie sux dick hard lol !it even can't be called ..dragon.. lol it's <a href="http://rwuuisv.com">nosnese</a> !!dbz and bulma has pistols WTF?lol and baout asian goku? i don't think he would look like human then ^^lol in dbz movie goku wasen't a asiancuz he's even not fro mearth duh !lolz this mvoe sux hard..
Forum » Diziler » Arka Siradakiler » Arka siradakiler 95.Bölüm
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