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Ask-i Memnu 66. Bölüm
belalim38Tarih: Sonntag, 28 März 2010, 16:19 | Mesaj # 1
astsubay başçavuş
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ZiyaretciTarih: Dienstag, 09 Sept. 2014, 04:02 | Mesaj # 2
Grup: Gast

ne ne alakası var kıvanc niye goz kırpmıs deomiyr. bugune uymaz bu dizi diyor ki dogru. kıvanc ie7in dediği oyunculugu kotu. he bu arada bu salih guney de ne ytakısıklı idi bea yok kıvancmıs yok bradmıs gec bi kalemde renkli gozlu olup da yakısıklı olabilen trek erkektir. cok tatlıydı beaa.. neyse kısa keselim
ZiyaretciTarih: Dienstag, 09 Sept. 2014, 13:38 | Mesaj # 3
Grup: Gast

Dude, no need to be an ass. Just because <a href="http://xgpzcpitfy.com">sooemne</a> thinks this is cool doesn't mean u got to rage. I want to get this game even if what u say is true, I only wanted Saiyans anyway
ZiyaretciTarih: Donnerstag, 11 Sept. 2014, 23:19 | Mesaj # 4
Grup: Gast

I think that this whole video game addition as a<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> illness is an insult to people with real<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> illnesses.People with real<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> illnesses (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, et al) don't choose to have them. They are born with them or develop them and have very hard lives due to medication, misdiagnoses and, especially stigma from society. Part of this stigma involves people telling the<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a>ly ill to have more "willpower." Willpower cannot keep an OCD from counting tiles, a bipolar from having a mood swing or a schizophrenic from hallucinating. Willpower can keep a person away from a cigarette, a six-pack of beer, crack and video games. Everyone knows this and when addictions are added to the list of<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> disorders, most people assume that ALL<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> disorders involve a lack of willpower. This is why truly<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a>ly ill people often don't seek help.Addictions are chosen behavior patterns. People say, "Oh, I'm addicted to crack/alcohol/cigarettes/video games/etc. I'm<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a>ly ill." No, sorry, dude. You consume too much of something and it has negative effects on your behavior patterns. END OF STORY. Don't want to be addicted? Then freakin' quit it. It's that simple.There's another group of people that are going to be hurt if they add video game addiction as a valid<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> disorder: responsible gamers. I am a gamer. I love video games. I am also an avid D&D fan. But when someone I love needs something from me, I quit out of the game and do what I'm supposed to do. Gamers suffer quite a bit of stigma as well. We're seen as nerds, people who will never marry, failures in society. It isn't true. Irresponsible people like these two add to the stigma. If the psychiatric community recognizes video game addiction as a valid disorder, all gamers will bear the brunt.Those poor babies. I read the article. A 10-lb 11 month old. Hair matted with cat urine. Genital infections on the boy. That's the stuff of nightmares. Those poor little kids:( Their parents should be shot.References : My father has bipolar disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, OCD and severe panic attacks. I know about real<a href="http://drsnhjfakeb.com"> mneatl</a> illness first hand.
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