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Asmali Konak 19. Bölüm
belalim38Tarih: Sonntag, 08 Nov. 2009, 11:02 | Mesaj # 1
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ZiyaretciTarih: Montag, 08 Sept. 2014, 19:44 | Mesaj # 2
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Hi there,I read some of your articles with a great emnnyoejt. This is Ali your Turkish version (I can say that in the frame of your articles published here) living in Athens. I am originally from Izmir too with a tiny difference from you that I was born and grew up there. I exactly grew up in the mahalle culture of Kadifekale, on the slopes of ancient Pagos. I am sure you heard lots of things about it, good or bad but I am sure each of them was very interesting for you Nowadays, they have a plan and partly action to demolish this old mahalle of Izmir. Today I talked with my mum who is still pushing her limits to stay and struggle there, that when she went to buy a bread from our backery that we go there for 40 years, she couldnt find it because they demolished it as well Many tauching stories from that corner of the city, at least for me It had been 3 years I havent been there. My mum goes periodicaly to check our old but our' house since she started to live with my sister in Narlidere I could write about many other things, about Izmir about Athens, about a common shared past, imperial past but today I wanted to send you regards from this side of the Aegean blue with that small anectod about the city, big anectod about my childhood you have my e mail adress now, please be in touch na eisai kala file ali
ZiyaretciTarih: Donnerstag, 11 Sept. 2014, 23:05 | Mesaj # 3
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