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Canım Ailem 41 Bölüm
QaRiZmATarih: Dienstag, 22 Dez. 2009, 03:21 | Mesaj # 1
astsubay çavuş
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YZSrZ8TfTarih: Montag, 29 Juli 2013, 15:09 | Mesaj # 2
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Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, acpieprate it. We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip little by little at a truth we find bitter. by Denis Diderot.
14iDcWjzV5Tarih: Mittwoch, 31 Juli 2013, 16:47 | Mesaj # 3
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Can't believe I never read this aritcle before. Good stuff, being of full Korean descent, adopted by a Caucasian family at age 3 months, I always wanted to be that first Asian Guy on Real World/Road Rules. And BTW, I smoke, drink, voted Chuck Baldwin for President (per Ron Paul's request when he dropped out) I hate everything associated Mathmatics, and my sundays are reserved for Tennessee Titans Football, Denny Hamlin on the racetrack, and Alfonso Soriano slamming the baseball out of the park. I have always felt MTV does a poor job at casting for these shows, and I quite frankly feel, they may be more racist than anything, and that something should be done. But unfortunately Mary-Ellis Bunim, creator of the show along with Johnathan Murray, has since passed away. So one may never get a complete answer in any case brought against MTV since Murray is the only person left. But it would be something of a great feat to stand up for the Asian male in America if such a case against MTV was brought forth and won. Anywho, again, good stuff, and If you would like to hear anything more from me, I can be found like everyone else in America on Facebook, I'm in the Grand Valley State University Network, Grand Rapids, MI and Davenport University Network.Matt Roberts
Forum » Diziler » Canim Ailem » Canım Ailem 41 Bölüm
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